Friday, July 26, 2013

Type 1 Mom Song


Count your carbs,
Get your kit
What’s your blood glucose?

Wash your hands,
Dry them off
get a finger to poke

Press and squeeze
Get it out
Are you in good range?

Tell me NOW, what does your meter say.

If you’re high,
Get a stick,
And well… use the loo

Drink some water
please relax
And wait a few

Check again,
Yes it’s time,
Where’d you leave it last?

Get it NOW! Where’s your sugar at?

Get a snack
Pack your bag
Don’t leave a single thing behind you know we can’t go back

Set your pump
Or syringe
To the proper place, we must get it straight

When you’re sick, it’s a wash
and then we’re beat
It doesn’t matter what you’ve eat

listen up
blood sugar, it’s a beast
has no respect
Not in the least…

If you feel too dizzy,
Get nauseous,
Or can’t see straight
You must take a quick stick, some OJ, or Gatorade!

The fun,
Or the sun
Another day gone mad,
Now let’s go check
Before it’s bed…

I’m up,
To check on you
If you’re good
You know
I’m sending you

To school
To the park,
Your best friend’s house
Don’t get up
I’m quiet as a mouse

Where the light
Where’s your hand
I will search the sheet
A wet swab to clean it up so neat

No more trips, or visits to the Emergency
I don’t want an IV to go back up your arm, keep you from harm
I want you home, with no keytones
So drink some water, more now more, another sip a little more?…

Pray hard Find help
And good support Don’t let diabetes sink your boat
It’s a fight
Armor up
Battle on ahead
Don’t give up
Now raise your head
see past the dread

Keep the faith Stay strong
We are the moms
our kids Need us to see what's wrong!

 They have life,
they have you
to get them through-
this yucky DISEASE, that’s oh so new. every moment,
make it count

because it’s life
and we must lead
them through this strife

and we know that it’s day to day
and moms like us must find a way

To share and care in love for those who don’t
Think it will ever think will get to them,
Just like me, just like you- Just like our, TYPE ONES, TYPE ONES, TYPE ONES! 

(Absolutely 100% inspired by Anita Renfroe's "The Mom Song"!)

Above is a collection of our friends we've met online through the D.O.C (diabetic online community). We are not alone and neither are you! There are many misunderstandings and misrepresentations of this disease, so my video was made for fun, and for awareness purposes...All the things I find myself saying or doing everyday to keep my insulin-dependant son alive on an hourly basis. Our son was diagnosed with Juvenile Auto-Immune Type 1 Diabetes Jan of 2012. He nearly lost his life to the disease. Our best friend lost her life a month later to it, so I am passionate to educate. Thank you for being KIND! I am not a singer, but I love to songwrite...Blessings to you on your journey please visit ours: "William Tell Overture" by Em K

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How a sippy cup gave me confidence to train a dog...

I have a friend who's little 1.5yr old boy is in urgent need of learning to drink from a sippy cup. PRONTO.  

He has a surgery consultation coming up soon and his mommy hasn't given up hope that her little man may learn some new things and prove to all that he won't need a feeding tube for  the next 2yrs. (A dear family friend has been on a feeding tube, so we know exactly what this means...)

This little guy came over today and we all got involved in the "BIG SIP" game... My 13 & 11 yr olds even got sippy cups and everyone joined the biggest sober juvenile drinking party before noon! For every big sip this little man did, he was rewarded with Cocoa Pebbles. Yes, you read that.

I really dislike lifeless no good junk cereal like that but somehow it crept into this house, and no it wasn't on MY shopping trip, I'll tell you that much! But thank goodness it was here! (I was searching for fruity Cherrios, thank you! We were out).

But little man LOVED the chocolate and we got a good 20+ "Big Sips" over the next few hours and had parties, did dances and were extrememly consistent... He went on to wanting to open the pantry door- so he had to do the "Big Sip!" It took the 7th time or so, but he caved as the curiosity got the best of him and I wasn't bothered by the baby squeal of detest for MY not caving-

I guess to wrap it up quickly here now...When I first got into learning about dog trainers I thought "Oooh Ahhh, I could never....

Then I started learning through, well, observing, asking questions, and reading up...I also began talking out loud and thought, "You know, I'm a good mom, I wonder how I could translate the discipline of the kids into the discipline of a dog?" 

Maybe that sounds ridiculous but it was a good enough start for me. I began with my own dog to see if I stood a chance. So far so good. She's got some cute things going for her. Next I went to refresh on my kids- well kinda. It's hard to be so close to something you don't know if you can see it in truth or not, really...So today was a true blessing for us! And we were all a part of it. Even my son who will soon be training his own dog, and we will all be a part of that, I'm sure.

So as grateful as this mom was for all our help today, I am more grateful to her. I loved the tiny preview that this mama (me) still has somethin' when it comes to the little people, and I'm glad our family pitched in and helped.

Here's Jesse, our Yorkie, doing her little "show"...