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"What happens (DOC) if we say NO..."

I wrote this almost one year ago. I was inspired by a friend who's necessity to switch Diabetic Alert Dog organizations later led to some major DOC drama. (diabetic online community) I know my heart then is my heart now. No matter who's story is being

What happens if we say, "No"...?

September 12, 2012 at 10:25am
Just recently, a friend of mine involved in the process of getting a diabetic alert dog made this announcemt on her FB. I felt led to share some thoughts on it...
"Obviously, my decision has cost me some friends. Maybe they weren't really friends. By now, I am sure many of my T1 family has heard that we have decided to no longer continue our journey with (organization). Rumors will fly, people will talk, at the end of the day, just know that this is a personal decision for personal reasons. All I will say is please, if you do not agree with our decision, that is fine, then please delete me from your page. I have to do what is right for me and my family and has nothing to do with the friendships I have built and I hope those who have gotten to know our family and my (child) would continue to be there for us as we battle this disease together. It was what we had in common from the beginning."

I ache for this mom. I saw an earlier post from her that she had something happening later today that was going to change for their family in a big way...I didn't anticipate this, but I am not surprsied. 

We have made friends across the nation along this journey. Moms, trainers, puppy raisers, breeders, and even strangers have sent me messages, spent hours on phonecalls, and even emailed me anonymous tips! I am forever grateful and have been introduced to some real keepers ;)
Some of these individuals have exposed me to a number of organizations for diabetic alert dogs. -About 4  of them I could name off the top of my head. Two in which I have been in contact with, and one in which we are in great realtionship with.

Making the decision to "fund", rally, support, & bring in THOUSANDS of dollars, our ENTIRE network of support (family, friends, THEIR family and THEIR friends) for an elite animal that is going to require 100% of our committment for 100% of it's commitment back, is a huge undertaking. 

I don't know the reasons for this friend's decision, and even if I did, they wouldn't matter to my opinion and support for her.  Because I support her.  It doesn't matter which organization, her personal circumstance, it's just a really difficult matter, I'm sure, to go into something so whole-heartedly, make so many friends, then have to pull out.

I write this up because I find that the heart of the matter is the same~ She's a mom on a mission, in the same battle, to find a way to make this disease easier for her son to manage. Easier for HER to manage. Blood sugar is a "Nasty Beast", as I say... and an alert dog is a fabulous tool to fight with!  One that our kids, our whole family, can happily accept. 

No matter if this friend chooses to get back into pusuit of a D.A.D or not, my hope is that the community of people who came alongside her continue to show their understanding. She put it best in her own words, ..."we battle this disease together. It was what we had in common from the beginning."  

For those who have this disease, have a dog, or are part of the D.A.D world around us, we thank you for your participation and involvement with Sean's site and our family. It's a vulnerable thing to post pictures, comments, make friends we've never met, call strangers who offer their phone  numbers, and "invite" into our lives without even knowing what this all really means yet...

And for those who have no connection to this disease other than your relationship to us, thank you all the more! Maybe it's a member of your family, your diabetic dog ;) , a chronic illness, or a sick child in your family; that allow you to understand the heart we have for wanting to find any and every which way to assist Sean.  

In the meantime...What DOES happens if we say, "No?" ..."  I could imgaine that would be a very difficult moment to announce to everyone. It's one reason we began looking into this so early on, and another reason we have decided to attend a conference in October before fundraising -And I pray that our journey doesn't end to partner Sean with a D.A.D, but it very well could.  Who is to say, as this IS a PROCESS, is it not...?

So where are we along the way?...

We are excited, wholehearted.
We are overwhelmed, & well intended.
We are parents, with sick, healthy children.
And we are making decisions CONSTANTLY.
The decisions we make are affecting them in the moment,
Which will ultimately impact the longterm of their health and longevity.
It's a joy, it's a pain, it's laughter, and crying shame.

It's unfair, then they don't care.
Then you have to, for them.
Once you have it, another you don't.
It's in balance, then feels like a joke.
It's one huge frustration, then you find a friend.
Then suddenly you realize life will soon mend...

~We are families with Type 1 Diabetics~

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